Are these new "featured content" also affecting your web traffic?

Are these new "featured content" also affecting their web ranges?

It seems that Google is indexing our web pages,
discarding our content,
and show it on your own website.

The complete answers to several questions are published there …
If people get answers directly on the Google website, who would come to our website?

We are the ones who create that content, we are paying for the servers and other services,
and your google that is receiving the traffic …

Yesterday I was looking for some color codes,
and a whole list of colors was directly available in the Google search result,
that they discarded from some other website …
I did not even mind checking the website where the real list was …
Why would it be? I have the answer on the Google website itself …
Why do others care about our websites, then?

Is not this a "violation of copyright?"

I'm thinking of blocking google bot completely from my website. But I'm really confused at this point. Any suggestion is welcome. It's the stock market website in my firm. I was making a lot of money with Google traffic, but since I installed SSL (2 months ago), my ranking went down, but I do not think this is the only reason for lower sales. I think it's the "featured content" on all your search results, which is simply the "scraped" content of our websites … People are getting answers directly on Google, why do they click on a link and visit our website?