architecture: what tools should I use for long-term intensive 3D simulation?

I know that my project is not a game, but many of the techniques that I will have to use to develop this application will involve many of the tools used in advanced 3D and light rendering.

Specifically, I would like to create an application that can load multiple hardware profiles for CRT. These profiles will be considerably extensive with parameters for region configurations (for example, NTSC-US, PAL, etc.), screen mask specifications, electron beam length, vertical or horizontal retention configurations and many other options. In addition, the application will also take several parameters, such as the exposure time for each frame that generates the CRT output, as well as the direction of the camera, the refraction of the atmosphere, etc. In other words, this will be a fairly complex project, which simulates the internal physics of CRTs and external light emission.

I know this is not a game, but since my intention is to allow a high degree of historical preservation of analog equipment through digital simulation, I need some guidance on what tools to use to write this type of application.

To make this question appropriate for this site, I specifically ask you if you would like to create a 3D game / project, what tools would you use to develop a project similar to mine that could be compilable, upgradeable and useful for decades? come?