architecture – Spring Cloud Generic Microservices Platform

Excuse my ignorance, but I was wondering if Spring Cloud is capable enough to be implemented as a generic microservice infrastructure, which can host APIs implemented in different technologies (.NET, Java, Python) and still get the benefits of using their Message Brokers . , Distributed Tracking, Databases, Streaming etc.

Take Message Brokers, for example, how are they implemented? Are they exposed through generic connectors (HTTP, TCP, etc.), where applications written in .NET, Java, Python, etc. Can you connect easily?

I understand that this topic can cause countless questions, but for now, I'm only interested in knowing how generic is this Spring Cloud platform.

I have also done a small PoC on how to implement and configure the simple "Hello World" microservices of Java, .NET and Python in Spring Cloud.

I am very open to other alternatives and suggestions.

Spring cloud architecture