architecture: Create multiple REST services that call each other from a monolithic EJB application approach to make them microservices later?

We are doing an architectural refactoring to convert a J2EE EJB monolithic application to Spring services. To do that, I am creating services by breaking the application against the junctions of your domain. Currently, I have three of them and each one calls another service through Rest.

Our domain contains User, Client, Alarm, Notification, Market and other modules. Then, for example, a user sends a request from a GUI and a service makes its logic and then calls another service:

UserService --- REST -> CustomerService --- REST -> AlarmService

In this project, our final purpose is to transform the application into microservices, but since the cloud infrastructure is not clear and probably will not be possible, we decided to do it this way and we think that since the services will use Rest, it will be easy to do the transformation in the future.

Does our approach make sense?