apt – bad lsb release after launch update

Today I did an LTS update from trusty to xenial using Do-release-upgrade. It happened without an error. But after the update I'm not sure what version my system is in now.

the Do-release-upgrade tool said that it would be updated to xenial and my sources.list now point to the xenial package file. suitable all packages are completely updated (making to update, to get better Y dist-upgrade).
But when I run lsb_release -a I'm still receiving this

There are no LSB modules available.
Dealer ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS
Release: 14.04
Code name: trusty

And when I check the version of base files (which in my opinion contains the / etc / lsb-release file) with dpkg --list I'm getting version 10.1 which is the most recent version of the package in bionic package of files.

Also when I run make-release-update -c Still trying to update to xenial.

I must say that I am quite confused. Does anyone have any idea of ​​what is happening?