applications – Red magic 3s “Your device is corrupt. It can’t be trusted and will not boot”

I think no one can solve this problem but I expose my problem so hi to everyone I from italy , I have problem with my red magic 3s practically every 7 month i buy new cable because starting to less charger like 100 mA while for work good should be like 3000 mA , so yesterday I did buy another cable , when I did plug the new cable on the phone , again same problem less charge,so I remembered that I have one adapter rampow with port 1a and 2a , so I did try to insert to 2a,but same problem less charge and the screen get blocked and the phone reboot , practically when I put now the phone to charger , the phone get screen blocked and restart also with original cable and charge , so I did try to reset but when get the 100% the phone say “ Device is corrupt. It can’t be trusted and will not boot “ omg so I thought to reset with adb and connect to laptop but strange thing it happen , windows don’t detected the new hardware and I don’t ear the sound about new cable, and the cable it not damage work but charge just less , I think that this company after the first time you will insert the cable or the charger will get less charge just for push you to buy a new cable or charger , for that I did use not original charger because I can t wait 20 day for the delivery because they have the assistance in Czech Republic, so now how can i do to try to reset and unbrick the phone if windows don’t read the new hardware.