applications – Android applications that were designed for individual states?

I'm pretty sure this will be down, but here goes.

I recently moved to a small island in Latin America where everyone has a smartphone, but there are not many applications that have been designed just for the island (or community).

Examples of applications that would work for a community are local classified ads, local bars and restaurants, a calendar application for local holidays, local TV applications on channels / news stations, etc.

As you can see, the entry for these applications comes from local groups for Local groups If I lived in the states (ie, Florida), it would be applications designed and developed exclusively for Floridians who would have no use in any other state (ie, an application designed by someone in Florida to track local elections) .

I'm looking for ideas that fit this criteria, but I'm not an avid smartphone user.

I guess my question is: what popular applications exist in an individual state that meets this criterion?

Any help is appreciated.