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Gala Games Network

Good news for all players. Those of you spend a lot of time on free games on Facebook or other sites, it's time to join a Gala Network. Gala Network games give you the power to win while you play.

Eric Schiermeyer, co-founder of Zynga (Farmville, Zynga Poker) and MySpace. He is now the Founder and CEO of the GALA Network. Eric and his team are developing something big, a gaming platform connected under one umbrella, the Red Gala.

A few days ago, Gala dubbed it free to play a game called Town Star, a farm simulator with cartoon graphics and a free blockchain economy where everyone can start a small farm and become a digital business. In the GALA network, income opportunities arise through the use of Farm Bots and Nodes.

Town Star main pic.png

At the moment I am playing Town Star in the Alpha test stage. Town Star Beta will launch after the end of Countdown (about 9 days from now). Those who are part of the Alpha test of the Town Star game will receive a Town Star Keys (limited) and perhaps awarded digital rewards (I'm not sure). Town Star Key grants players advanced access to the LIVE Beta game prior to public release. In the Beta stage, there will be a weekly contest. In the end, the winner will get 1 Farm Bot.

Town star game page.png

After the official launch of Town Star, there will be a weekly contest and the winners (according to the ranking) will get a share of the Farm Bot. Each Farm Bot has 1000 different parts. Some are normal, some are rare, and some are very rare.

Farm Bot.png

The main interesting part is the fact that the game has a unique NFT, a Farm Bot, these bots will extract BoxCoins, a token used to buy things in-game. In the City Star game, only 1000 Farm Bots are limited and worth $ 100,000. Therefore, every part of Farm Bot will be valuable in the future. The main difference is that in a blockchain game like Town Star (or all the other games that will work on the gala network) all the items you create, sell or trade are entirely yours!

Game Balance.png

Another interesting part of Red Gala is that they are selling GALA nodes. It is a great part of investment. Gala nodes will process all transactions on our network and receive rewards. Some of those rewards will be tokens and others will be items from our games. Season 1 nodes will process all games in Gala. That means you want to have Season 1 nodes because Season 2 nodes will only process transactions for Season 2 and later games. The nodes are in a very ideal position in the ecosystem. For example, if a Boxcoin token is created, there will actually be another 3 tokens minted and 1 will be awarded to the node that processes that transaction.

Gala Node.png

The main reason to join this game now is that the alpha tester will receive gifts and the winners of the game will receive mining bots during beta testing!
So join now to learn the game, have fun and spend your playing time profitably, and if the game will be as successful as Farmville was, then your Farm Bots or Farm Bot parts will be very valuable, remember that 1 Farm Bot is already valued at $ 100,000!

One of the really cool differentiators in Town Star is the focus on finding a winner. Restarting every 6 days will be a really cool way to play the game.