We have all heard the many benefits of using HGH in our health regimens, and with a long history of effectiveness in turning back the clock, or at least delaying the aging process, knowing the truth about HGH and how ineffective it is to take supplements. to elevate your human growth hormones with pills. Most now know that pills are a waste of money for most supplements, since they pass through the body faster than the absorption rate, regardless of the enzymes that cancel out much of the benefits of the pills in the body. The digestive system that prevent the absorption of any of the vitamins or nutrients. Are you drinking. Many studies have shown that you are wasting your money on buying pills.

HGH injections have always been the most effective way to replenish your lost human growth hormones that decrease dramatically once you are over twenty. HGH injections, although they have proven to be the most effective way to reverse aging, are also very expensive and most do not self-administer, making it even more expensive. With the advance in homeopathic transdermal gel applications, HGH is not wasted by taking pills, but is absorbed into the bloodstream almost instantly. The investigation and medical verification of this are proven, just do your own due diligence in Somaderm by visiting Having visited the Hormone Replacement Clinic for years, and presenting this innovative product to the doctor, he has evaluated his personal results. and he was amazed, so he must verify his recommendation, which he now uses in his practice with hundreds of positive results, including many injections.

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