Answer of your Why? Where and how?

After this forum was updated from vBulletin to XenForo, there were also some policy changes that were implemented at the same time that caused confusion. I did a research in the forum and I made these small frequently asked questions about the questions that are asked so often here. Hopefully you get answers to your "Why?", "Where?" And how? "Questions …

P-1) Why can not I publish in the Market or buy, sell, market the section?
A) Because you are not an established member. You need to establish yourself first to get more privileges. Follow this link for more details:

Option # 2 is you can buy premium membership (All other restrictions of non-established members still apply). You can find information here:

Q-2) What is an established member? How to establish?
A) An established member gets some additional privileges (for example, access to special forums, ability to add a signature and links in his thread and many other benefits). More information here:

The way to become an established member is quite simple. You must be a member for 48 hours and get 3 different existing established members for "I like" something you wrote (ask "Like" users will ban you).

Q-3) Why can not I have a signature?
A) The same reason (because you are not an established member). Follow this link for more details:

Q-4) Why can not I see the "Like" button?
A) Again the answer is the same, because you are not an established member. Once it is established you can see it as a button in lower right corner of each post.

Q-5) How to buy Premium Membership? After purchasing the premium membership will I be established?
A) Premium membership is different from being an established member (both have different benefits). You can read about the benefits of premium membership here. (Established member + Premium is much better to access the forum)

Q-6) How many people already have 100 to 1000+ I like?
A) All of them are old PD members who helped many people in the old Digital Point. Tastes were imported from the old reputation system.

Q-7) How to get I like it quickly? Why am I not getting I like it?
A) This is the main problem that all people think they will never get "like" and love them too quickly. There are many threads about people who complain about this 3 Like rule, but it was created to reduce spam and it seems to be very effective.

It is not difficult to get 3 likes from 3 different people, you just need to help new or old people. There are many sections in the forum like this Tip and comments where you can post and help people, for example. Payment process, Programming, General Business and many more, so just use your knowledge to help people and make quality posts in the forum so that you get your 3 likes very quickly.

Do not expect to like it in your 2-3 word response or any kind of silly response.
Do not expect tastes for the spun response version. If many people have already responded briefly on the subject OP and you are giving only a rotated version, then there is no possibility of it appearing as in its publication.
Do not wait, I like it in your publication number. People complain that they have made more than 100 publications but have not yet received "likes". If you look at your 100 publications, ask yourself if you created quality or useful publications. There are more than 16,000 or more established members who may like your content.
See this person and take a little inspiration that, as it does not matter, with the publication count:

Q-8) Do I have more than 3 I like but I am not yet established?
A) First check if you I like they are from three different users… If so, it is most likely that this is your first visit to Digital Point since the new system was implemented. The system checks permissions updates per hour. So be patient and let the system complete its cron jobs.

I hope that the theme Member established and I like it is clear to you now, let's talk about other questions. :P

Q-9) How can I hit my old thread? How to edit it after hitting?
A) Right below the first post of your thread you can find the option. Bump / Relist / Edit you can use it to hit it and after hitting the thread you can see it separately Edit button in the same place to edit your thread.
Note: – The normal member must wait 30 days between each hit and the premium members must wait 7 days.

Q-10) How to send PM (conversation)?
A) Many people are looking for the option or the private message (PM), but now it is called Conversation in the new forum. To start a new conversation, simply click on the member's username below your avatar, a pop-up window will open where you have the option to "Start a conversation"

Q-11) How to delete / leave a conversation?

A) Open the conversation you want to delete / leave and in the upper right corner you will find the option "Leave the conversation"

Q-12) Where is my old iTrader?
A) As now the iTraders are replaced by Instant Pay. The iTraders are now only in read-only format. What can you consult in your Pprofile -> Market tongue, It is known as the Legacy iTrader rating.

P-13) How can I link PayPal and other third party accounts here?
A) You can add your accounts here:

Q-14) Is it safe to link my PayPal account?
A) Yes it is safe. Digital Point can not read your transaction history or withdraw money from your account, even if they wanted to. The site is now SSL only for greater security. You can read these post for more information:

If you are still afraid, then you can turn it on. Two-factor authentication (Also called 2-step verification), which will add an additional layer of security to log in to the account.

You will need the Google Authenticator application, which you can download from the following page:

Q-15) Can I link my personal PayPal account?
A) I'm not sorry, but you can only link PayPal Business or Premier accounts. The limitation is imposed by PayPal because personal accounts can not use PayPal APIs.

Q-16) How to leave comments on the new system?
A) You can leave comments here:

Q-17) How to check the comments of others in details?
A) Go to your profile and check the market tab to get all the details you want.

Q-18) Can using Adblocker with this forum affect its functionality?
A) Yes, sometimes, adblocker not only blocks ads, but also divides the site into parts, so you may not be able to post to any section or thread or see a forum message.

If you have not yet found your answer, you can read the Help on the forum.
If you are not in the help and still have questions, feel free to post a thread in this section with your question.