[ANN][FREE AIRDROP] POOL one of the largest free AIRDROPS ever made

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POOL has the goal of becoming one of the largest aerial launches ever made! We will do this in several rounds in the first round we will reward 2000 POOL in the 2nd round 1000 SWIMMING POOL and in the 3rd round 500 SWIMMING POOL. After these rounds, we will begin the rounds of rewards in which we will reward the members by joining other aerial launches.


1. Application form for the air launch: https://bit.ly/2zdEHG5
2. Join our group of telegrams https://bit.ly/2DnUZga
3. Join our telegram channel https://bit.ly/2PI0Cgl
4. Join our Twitter page https://bit.ly/2Kat2K2
5. Open your welcome email (it could be in your junk mail)


1. Only 1 account per person! 2. Do not use a vpn server to join! 3. Do not cheat!