angle – ParseFloat return string instead of number in Javascript

I have a matrix that comes from api like this

x = [0, 12.1, 23.45, 100.23, 13.99, 90, 0, 16.1]

I want every number with a decimal point up to 2, like 0.00 or 12.10

What I did is

x = x.toFixed (x);

but this series of return values ​​is not a number, I need all values ​​as numbers.
I'm not sure how I can get numbers after converting them to decimals.

Someone suggested this code to me, I tried it but I did not succeed.

x = + Fixed (2);

I tried parseFloat also after toFixed but it shows in the console that it's a number, but it's not, it's really a string.

I'm trying this in the angular2 + application in the primeng table