android – What is the class in java?

Are the java classes the same as the C classes?

Not really. (And C does not have classes, but C ++ does have them).

Java classes are much more similar to those of C ++ than CSS classes: modules that define a new type and the fields and methods that accompany it. Java is also strongly based on class in that everyone There may be variables, methods and types. only as defined in one class or another; other languages ​​have classes as an optional construction to group related fields, define a mold to create multiple objects with a common form or behavior, etc.

Compared to that, CSS classes are really just a classification device: "this paragraph is an appointment, that is a footnote, etc.". Classes in programming languages ​​look like that, but they also do a lot more. Depending on the language, they can do just a little more, or literally everything.