Android Studio and Git with Firebase, different project for each Branch

I wanted to ask a question because I do not know how to continue. I have a project in Android Studio working with Firebase (I use the services Storage, realTime Database and Auth). In turn, I manage the versions of the project with Git. Now I was interested in having a branch that connects to a different project of the same Firebase account and with another branch the same. My idea is to have a development project and a production one.

From what I found and understood from the internet, the best way to have a database for development and another for production in Firebase is to have two projects (hence my need) and Android, I found that they use Git to maintain the two versions. In turn, I found that they use the gradle to set some development and some production but I did not understand what it was and I think that is not what I need.

I hope you understand my concern, I appreciate any advice or help!