android – Advice on App Launch

I’ve built an android app and sold it to a company once. I had a lot of problems since I was only 17 at the time and designing it alone. bugs, short of design requirements etc. but since its a company internal app I managed to fix it. about 2 years (now) later I’m ready to start a company with my friends as a publicly available app. and we are targeting at least 60% of the population in my country.

so now I don’t want to screw this up. how do I know if my app is ready even for a beta?. I will get about 50 testers or so. I’ll make sure it runs on most devices in my country. ill make sure it gets the job done if the users use it properly.

but launching an app can’t be this simple. what should I be careful of? what should i expect? what is your experience and what would you have done if you had a second chance?.

i would only like for users to answer this question if they have launched an app or tried and failed before. I’m after experience not rules an principles.

and don’t worry about reaching 60% population part. it’s not as difficult in my country as it would be in most countries. first, we’ll be releasing and android App then IOS.