Amazon web services – Running experiments for limited audience on AWS

My goal is to be able to route Route53 traffic to my autoscale group using relatively complex rules. I like it:

  • 1% of traffic with this value in the url path should be routed to ASG A
  • 0.1% of traffic with this value in the body should be directed to ASG B
  • Rest should go to ASG C

What is the best solution for me considering that I want to be able to change the rules without having to implement a new CF template every time (all my configuration is in CF)?

The main reason is to be able to execute experiments for specific clients. I want to be able to implement a new feature in production, test it in a specific audience and only make it available in general. For some clients, I will be able to use the query parameters, but for some, I will have to scan the body of the request.

If there is a different solution (without multiple ASGs) or something I did not even think about, please share your ideas.