Amazon web services – How to copy mongo db from mongodb 3.0 to mongodb 3.6 in the image bitnami ec2

As the title indicates, I need to copy db from ec2 instance with bitnami image that has mongodb preinstalled with version 3.0.9, to new bitnami ec2 instance that has mongodb Version 3.6.8 pre-installed.

First I used

db.copyDatabase ("my_db", "my_db", "", "root", "xxxxxxxxxx")

but then I received the following output:

"ok": 0,
"errmsg": "The minimum and maximum connection version of the server is incompatible (0.3) with the minimum connection version of the client (6.6)"

Now, from what I understand, this message implies that mongo The db can not be copied since there are 2 different ones. mongo versions

Then, from the knowledge of 2 cents that I have on this topic, I came to the conclusion that I need to update my first instance of EC2. mongodb(3.0.9) to be compatible with the mongo db I need to copy to, for example, 3.6.8.

I followed the set of instructions in the mongo docs here to gradually upgrade to 3.2 and then to 3.4, etc. But I, although I completed all the instructions, my version of mongo db is still 3.0.9

I guess it's related to the bitnami The infrastructure and the way they have there. mongodb installed, but I can not pinpoint the problem.

I'm really stuck in this matter. (Maybe I do not need to update mongo db and there is an alternative solution, etc. because I'm hitting my head on the wall)