Associates Update – August 1, 2017

Changes of Associates – August 1, 2017

See below the changes that went into effect on the previous date:

  • We have added reward events for the free trial version of the Amazon Prime monthly discount offer and Twitch Prime. We also remove references to past due rewards related to Prime Day and provide the URLs of the home page for Amazon Prime Gifting reward events.
  • We have excluded products sold through Prime Wardrobe from eligible Products.
  • We added a new Program Policy related to Local Partners, a program for companies that have face-to-face interactions with clients and that do not participate in the current Associate Program.
  • We also added a new Program Policy related to our Influencer Program to cover influential social media partners to whom Amazon invites recommendations on an Amazon Site.
  • In relation to the launch of Amazon Spark, we have prohibited actions that generate charges for the purchases resulting from a client that uses a special link in its publication or that begins from its publication in Amazon Spark and then returns to Amazon with its special link. .
  • We extend your guarantees to reflect your independent agreement to participate in the Associate Program and to explicitly cover the regulatory requirements of international trade with respect to sanctions and exports.

The full details are here:
https: //…src=oa-augustupdate&ref_=pe_2511080_248214390