algorithms – What path should I choose?

I am currently an undergraduate in Computer Science, 2nd year 1st semester. We just finished Data Structures and Algorithm in C. What should I learn next?

I want to be able to have the potential to create something big. I want to “learn it all”. I’m not sure if I should keep going deeper into C, as my mindset is set to “C is the mother of all languages, you build everything from scratch. Mastering it will bring me success and understanding of every other language”. But on the other hand I have actually no stable knowledge as in easily building a project, or applying a project in real-life such as automating tasks. I only know how to output something in the terminal… And that worries me very much as everyone’s advise is to “coding is about fun! automate daily tasks” or something with servers but I have no idea how.

Am I doomed? What should I do? What learning path would you advise? Yes, I am kinda stressing as I feel I have no useful/stable knowledge.