ajax – Problem redirecting to a post in a different language

I have a problem redirecting to a post in a different language. I use the Translatepress plugin and when I click on the link of the video or category, etc … it stays on the same page, I think it’s a loop, I give to go to the post and the page is loaded where it was. I have disabled all the plugins, reinstalled the theme, install the website on localhost, restore 3 backups and more, but I don’t see a solution to the problem. This happens to me only on the mobile version of my website that is reponsive.
Everything happened after installing the plugin “Hide my WP” but like I said, I installed the backup and did my best.

Explanation of the problem:
In the default language everything goes well, but when I change the language to the domain, example: mydomain.com/es/ when I select the post the web loads but it does not go to the post, but it loads where it was in mydomain.com/es/.

In the console in mobile version, the following appears when loading the network:
Network Load

It starts loading with trp-ajax.php when I select the post which contains the following code:

function(d, e) {
                var f, g = b.xhr(), h = ++dc;
                if (g.open(b.type, b.url, b.async, b.username, b.password),
                    for (f in b.xhrFields)
                        g(f) = b.xhrFields(f);
                b.mimeType && g.overrideMimeType && g.overrideMimeType(b.mimeType),
                b.crossDomain || d("X-Requested-With") || (d("X-Requested-With") = "XMLHttpRequest");
                for (f in d)
                    void 0 !== d(f) && g.setRequestHeader(f, d(f) + "");
                g.send(b.hasContent && b.data || null),
                c = function(a, d) {
                    var f, i, j;
                    if (c && (d || 4 === g.readyState))
                        if (delete ec(h),
                        c = void 0,
                        g.onreadystatechange = n.noop,

The console selects me in green this:

g.send(b.hasContent && b.data || null),

I don’t know what happens, if someone knows or has had a similar problem, thank you.