Airlines – Where can I find historical 6-month flight data for TAP flying from Madrid?

I was on a delayed flight that ended up canceling my flight abroad due to the delay. The flight was TP021, flying from Barajas to Lisbon on June 15. Due to the delay, I ended up losing my flight abroad. Also, when I arrived in Portugal, TAP did not offer me a hotel to take the flight the next day they booked me, but only gave me two food vouchers.

I want to ask for compensation; however, I need to show that this TP021 flight was delayed and that it made me miss my flight abroad. I'm looking online to get a screen print of this record, but everything I find goes back alone and, at most, for a period of 3 months.

As this happened on June 15, 2018, I need historical data of 6 months. Is there a free tool where I can obtain these statistics and print the screen, so I can attach it to my claim?