air travel – What does the " Guarantee" cover? sells different types of connecting flights:

  1. "Connection protected by the carrier"

    • These are the same as in any online travel agency: they include the usual support of the airline as defined in the transport contract.
  2. "Connection protected by the guarantee"

    • Unique connections that combine multiple separate airline tickets (budget). These are not protected by the airline, so they are covered with the " Guarantee".

There are some attractively cheap tickets using the latter. I can live without service in person, worrying about luggage, transit visas and check-in twice. I want to understand any additional risk of these tickets to decide if the savings are worthwhile and to help choose between them.

The explanation of this guarantee is not very detailed.

  • I see that you can choose to give me a refund instead of making a more expensive reservation if the changes happen more than 48 hours before departure.
  • How much does this guarantee cover when delays or cancellations occur less than 48 hours after departure?
  • How will Overwhelming force Do situations differ from a standard ticket?