Air travel: do you travel within Schengen while waiting for the EEA residence card?

My wife is of Russian nationality. I am a Norwegian citizen.

We live in Sweden for 10 months. During that stay, he received a residence card (member of the EEA family) and a Swedish biometric card from the Swedish Tax Authority.

We moved to Norway two months ago. She has applied for a new residence card (member of the EEA family) from Norway through the Surinder Singh route. She has a letter from the Norwegian police saying that she has submitted an application and a document from the Norwegian Tax Agency (number D). Norway can take several months to issue her residence card, but she has the right to stay and work in Norway while waiting for the card.

We are considering a short holiday trip to Poland for four days. My guess is that it should not be a problem since it is a flight within Schengen and she is here legally after all. However, I'm not sure of some things.

What identification should she use at the door, etc.? I think it might be better to use the Swedish biometric identification card, since a Russian passport without a valid visa may appear to be in Schengen illegally and may cause problems. I suppose that the residence card of the EU of Sweden can now be null since we have already moved from Sweden, although she still has it.

Also, I suppose that as a member of an EEA family, you have freedom of movement throughout the EU when traveling with me, even on vacation?

We are planning to fly from Torp Airport (TRF) to Gdansk Airport (GDN).

How likely is it that she will be well on her trip? How can we minimize the risk of any inconvenience?