Agnostic system: play with the cell phone during D&D sessions

There are many questions on this site about players who use their phones (the phone is a symbol for don't keep your eyes on the game – it could be a magazine, a TV or the bird feeder in the window, basically any distraction). However, everyone comes with the warning that the use of the phone divert attention from the game, slowing it down.

I am in a different situation. I simultaneously use my phone Y You could say that I am the most attentive player at the table in most cases. During combat, I am regularly the person who already has his planned turn. If another person does not realize that it is its I turn around, I notice immediately, and, if the pregnant woman's break lasts too long, I am the person who keeps notifying them.

I have never been called for the use of my phone (probably because it is so obvious that I am engaged when it is time to do something), but As players and GM, do you think the use of the phone during the game is "bad", even if it does not affect the flow of the game?

Here are some additional details about why I use the phone:

  1. There is a downtime inherent in the game. In combat, when it's not my turn, I'm waiting So that it becomes my turn. In general, being out of combat is a minor problem: I don't play in heavy role-play groups, so there are no real immersion concerns in that regard. Then, out of combat, my eyes and hands are never required, so they can be occupied on my phone without any impact on the session.
  2. I have busy fingers When I concentrate, I enjoy having things to do with my hands. I often do origami (or it is more primitive cousin, folding paper in a grid pattern until it disintegrates), or, obviously, playing games on my phone, when I am doing something that does not require my eyes / hands.