adult network with pop-under pop-up ads | NewProxyLists

I wrote about exoclick is a joke.
About the traffic agent, have it tested, but first wait for the direct link of edomz.

List with tested networks. – rejected * – rejected * – rejected * – joke rates – rejected * – rejected * – pay only with checks – rejected * – I use it as a premium ad network.
Popcash x – without direct link. 1 ad per IP. – joke rates – have broken the pop-up code. Also fees 0.20 -0.30 $
Juicyads – joke rates – waiting for the direct link to try – joke rates when you use it as the first advertising network, it has 0.40 – 0.50 cpm. Yes for 2nd 0.20 cpm. – joke rates. probably scam site.

* The site does not accept adult sites.

It was funny when Gunggo's support wants to trick me and talk, that any network pays more than 1 $ cpm for Asian traffic, then gave a account where traffic from Japan was $ 1.60 to $ 2.20.
I also know that I will not find a second network that pays like $ 1 (or maybe I'm wrong), but there must be something like 0.50 cpm or a little more.

Added after 3 days 8 hours:

AdEngage – I totally can not understand this site. Only intext ads? 0.o
TrafficBroker – checked it. There are no big fees, also 3 times less ads than Also your "runner". Ads from other networks, so the best option is to use this network with an agent. So nobody will get good prices with brokers.