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Adsterra Network:

Adsterra Network offers one of the largest collections of ad display formats (popunders, banners, push-ups, interstitials, etc.). The Adsterra smart advertising platform reaches the right users with its advanced orientation benchmarks: Geo, operating system and browser, device targeting, provider targeting, mobile phone operator guidance, daytime parties, etc. Adsterra Network works with several advertisers and industries.

For publishers:
– Highest eCPM rates
– Wide variety of campaigns.
– Real time statistics display
– Live results tracking through the statistics tool
– Dedicated multilingual personal account managers
– Fast payments made through a wide selection of methods
– Biweekly payments

For advertisers:
– Monitoring and optimization of campaigns in real time
– Solid anti-fraud tracking system
– Instant access to premium traffic acquisition channels
– Advanced geographical and linguistic orientation to reach your audience
– Advanced orientations, such as during the day, IP range, browsers, os, e.t.c.
– Exceptional customer service

Payment methods:
– PayPal
– Webmoney
– Wire transfer
– eCoin
– Payza
– Payoneer
– electronic payments
– Paxum

Minimum payment amount:
Payments made with a minimum balance of $ 5
Account financing for advertisers minimum of $ 100

Payment process:
Commissions for each Period are paid 15 days after the end of the Period. Editors' payments are processed twice a month on days 1 and 16. Payments are generally processed from 8 am to 5 pm GMT.


Editors: Skype – pub.adsterra
Advertisers: Skype – adv.adsterra

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