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Frequent questions:

Do you offer any kind of money back guarantee?
Yes, there is a 90 day money back without questions available to all new customers.

Can web hosting plans be updated to the next available plan?
Yes, if you want to update the next available plan or the previous version, you can do so at any time from your client area.

Do you have SLA availability guarantee?
Yes, we have 99.95% uptime of the SLA server.

Do you have any restrictions with the web hosting plans?
Please review our Terms of Service Agreement for restrictions and warranty of SLA.

Does the price ever increase?
No, it will never increase the price is blocked during the life of the account.

How soon will my account be ready?
All the configuration of a new order instantly once the payment is approved by Gateway.

Where is your server located?
Our Hosting Server is located in multiple locations, including Los Angeles, Phoenix and Seattle in the US. UU

Do you offer free migration of websites?
Yes, we will migrate your account to us for free within 48 hours. After activating the account, open Migration Ticket.

Are there installation fees or some hidden cost?
No, there are no hidden costs or installation costs associated with having a hosting account with our company.

Do you accept payment in local currency?
Yes, we accept payments in 21 local currencies, including the US dollar.

Do you offer Let's # Encrypt SSL for free?
Yes, we offer Let's Encrypt SSL together with all our Incredible Accommodation Packages.

Any question ? Feel free to contact us directly through Help desk. Put us in Social media