add-ons: coupon codes for product discount combined with free conditional shipping

I have researched the discount coupons for products that also allow conditional shipping discounts when I was contacted with the following request:

"We will provide customers with a coupon code that gives them a 25% discount on the purchase of a product and free shipping …. IF they live in the continental United States. If you live in Canada, Alaska or Hawaii, you get a 25% discount, but there is an additional shipping fee of $ 50.00 "

If someone has experience with an application like this, I would be interested to know what options are available to have this type of control in the coupon codes and the shipping.

Woocommerce version: 3.4.5
WordPress: 4.9.8

Plugins (related to coupons and shipping):
Short codes of WooCommerce coupons by itthinx - 1.6.2
WooCommerce - ShipStation integration by WooCommerce - 4.1.22
Subscriptions WooCommerce from Prospress Inc. - 2.2.21 - 2.4.4 is available
WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping by WooCommerce - 3.0.9 - 3.0.12 is available
WooCommerce by Automattic - 3.4.5 - 3.5.1 is available

If there is any other information you can provide, please let me know.