adb – How do I install the operating system on the Andriod phone without using fastboot and TWRP?

I tried to update the ROM on MOTO G4 Plus using the TWRP version of and during the installation process I removed the existing android 7.0.1 without backup (I understood the cost of the backups now). As I found an error installing Android 9.0.1 with an error code of 255 due to TWRP, some update problem could not complete the installation process correctly.

I tried several ways to update TWRP that were not successful and even the fastboot commands do not work now. Every time I deal with fastboot + combinational command like devices and etc, it enters an infinite loop with an iterator of error code not found. After a good amount of searches found on ADB and I can happily connect to my device using ADB now. Then I started testing with multiple options, such as the adb sideload after reading several forum responses and posts. I pushed a rom to scare / data / media after reading this forum. NEED HELP: The operating system was accidentally deleted in TWRP / I do not install Rom, which was successfully pressed, but do not do anything or I can not figure out what to do after pushing it.

Then, I started looking again to install stock rom in different ways before coming here and stumbled upon this question that is similar, read the question and included a post in the forum to start the process when I downloaded stock rom rom stock download could not find any file to start the process

Now I'm stuck and I can not find a better place to find a solution that works for this situation. Can someone help me? What can I do while my phone is in this state?