active directory – Set-DnsClientGlobalSetting – throwing "Access to a CIM resource was not available"

I am trying to add a suffix to the list of existing domains on my workstation, but I receive this error.
I am running PowerShell as an administrator and still, the error persists. I have ABC and DEF domains in the list and I want to add xyz.

Set-DnsClientGlobalSetting -SuffixSearchList @ ("", "", "")

Edit: this is the complete error.
Set-DnsClientGlobalSetting: access to a CIM resource was not available to the client.
Online: 1 char: 1
+ Set-DnsClientGlobalSetting -SuffixSearchList @ ("", "…
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo: PermissionDenied: (MSFT_DNSClientG … nstanceID = ""): ROOT / StandardCi … ntGlobalSetting) (Set-DnsClientGlobalSetting), CimException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId: MY RESULT 2, Set-DnsClientGlobalSetting

Any insight would be appreciated.