Accounts – How are pending changes displayed in a form?

I am currently creating a simple web interface that allows people in the administration department to make some changes directly to our user accounts in the active directory.

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The changes that can be made directly are, for example, the room number, the telephone number, the expiration date.

Other changes need actions from our IT department. Therefore, if a person moves to a different department, or if their work status changes (internal, employee, guest, …), the change is stored in a database and a ticket is opened in our system. tickets Then the changes are handled by the IT department.

Now I need a distinctive way to show that the changes are pending, and that the user should not attempt to make the change again until the pending changes have been processed.

I thought about just adding a label next to the fields, but judging by the past experiences with the management people (I've been working on something like this before), I'm pretty sure they'll find a way to not see it, which results in more tickets than necessary.

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I found this question, but the suggested answers are not really a good fit, because they are focused on merging information.