Accessibility – Including users with disabilities in user-centered design.

Just to indicate here some of the research projects that we are following in our FeedBot project. [2], we would like to contribute more information. The projects are related to people with upper mobility disabilities or cerebral palsy who are highly dependent and in need of assistance. That said, several research projects are being developed to help those who live in limited conditions.

In the JACO project, the authors produced a research paper entitled Evaluation of the JACO robotic arm. [1] Showing the results of 34 participants with disabilities. The objective of the study was to evaluate the efficacy, safety and relevance of the JACO robotic arm. Therefore, the authors concluded that it is an alternative to increase the autonomy of people with upper extremity disabilities. Where projects like this one, will show us how to involve the measurement of the time necessary to execute specific tasks and evaluate the ease of control.

The feedbot [2] is a project that proposes to investigate, as well as develop, a fully autonomous mobile arm capable of feeding people with disabilities, as ordered by a Vision system. With its autonomy and learning, we foresee that FeedBot [2] It will have a great impact on the quality of life of people with a wide range of movement-related disorders, such as Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy or stroke. At this moment, we are doing some questionnaires about the characterization of the user. A possible method to follow is to measure the acceptability of the entry of a robotic arm in daily meals and improvements in quantitative and qualitative results.

[1] Maheu, V., Archambault, P.S., Frappier, J. and Routhier, F., 2011, June. Evaluation of the JACO robotic arm: clinical-economic study for users of motorized wheelchairs with upper extremity disabilities. In 2011, the International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics IEEE (pp. 1-5). IEEE.

[2] Silva, C., Vongkulbhisal, J., Marques, M., Costeira, J.P. and Veloso, M., 2017, September. Feedbot: a robotic arm for assisted autonomous feeding. In EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence (pp. 486-497). Springer, Cham.