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What do you need to create the perfect mix? Regardless of the method you use, the harmonic mix or the combination of rhythms, you must know the basic characteristics of the audio track, such as the key and the tempo. tuneXplorer will help you find the key to the song and the BPM value with high accuracy. After analyzing the audio, you can save Kay and BPM in the audio tags for later use in a popular DJ software. The optimization for the latest multi-core CPU guarantees a significant increase in performance, your entire music library can be processed in minutes.

Key detection
The harmonic mix is ​​mixing tracks that are not only on the same key, but also with keys that work with each other. However, the first thing you must do before that happens is to eliminate your clues. Nailing tracks with tuneXplorer is very easy. First, you must add a single track or a complete folder of audio files to the program. Next, click on the "Processing" button and select the "Calculate track key" check box. Are you ready to create fluid mashup? AudioRetoucher can help you change the tone of the audio track.

BPM detection
Beatmatching is another popular mixing technique. It involves perfectly matching the tempo of two songs so that the rhythms of the two songs arrive at the same time when they are played simultaneously. We spend a lot of time to improve our BPM detection algorithm and now it works with very high accuracy.

ID3 Tag Support
tuneXplorer supports the latest ID3v2.4 standard for saving BPM and key values ​​within MP3 audio files. Since we are using the standard fields, such as TKEY and TBPM, they are compatible with other popular software: iTunes, Serato, Traktor.

Compatible with Windows 10
Abyssmedia regularly updates its products to ensure compatibility with the latest operating systems.

What's new

File paths were added when exporting to csv.
Added "Mark files with unknown BPM".
Added "Mark files with unknown key".
Tag writer updated.
Audio DSP updated.