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Has anyone heard anything about Josh Hughbanks, who owns fansitehost.com and it’s other incarnations? I have had a paid plan with them for a few years, a reseller. I hadn’t logged into the whm for a wee while, but did that on friday last. To my surprise there was something wrong with the whm. There was no listing of accounts nor any way to make accounts and no listing of plans. I sent in a support ticket. Now usually, when I’ve had to send a support ticket in before, it has been replied to very promptly and with courtesy. Not this time.

I waited all weekend and no one replied. I wondered if they had been making changes as I know some hosts have, due to the high charges for cpanel. I looked at my emails: there had not been any announcements. Nothing on their forums either. I looked at their site, and the plan I had originally was not listed. I was due to renew this month, so I decided to cancel my automatic renewal and see how things panned out. If it was taken care of then I could easily set it up again.

Then I had second thoughts and decided to get a reseller elsewhere. And I am glad I did. The reply to my cancellation request was unbelievably rude. Not the support ticket note, the reply to that came later. I seemed to have got their attention by cancelling. The reply from them was “Sorry but we don’t offer premium immediate support for the prices we charge. If you are unable to wait a few days for support then you can find a better deal with ZERO support. You will see. Have fun!”. I was confused, never having had anything but courtesy from them before. I replied, suggesting that it was not an appropriate reply. The reply back was, well, this is a family site so I can’t say what it was but it was not pleasant.

My ticket was eventually replied to. Apparently “permissions likely got lost during a server transfer”. But doesn’t a good webhost warn their customers that a transfer is coming? Even though that has solved the problem there is no way on earth I would stay with them after such a disgusting reply to my email. I can only think that this is a case of two people replying and one badly needing to grow up

Thank you for reading all of this. tldr; webhost was unbelievably rude and aggressively hostile. Have happily gone elsewhere.