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The currency of the community
CryptoLux is an autonomous financial payment network focused on cryptography and cryptography services. The network offers fast and secure transactions in a friendly and profitable environment. CryptoLux offers a decentralized cryptocurrency, self-regulated and based on blockchain, adapted to your financial needs.
Our network of financial payments is highly secure and secure, being impossible to pirate or falsify, due to the technology based on Blockchain. CryptoLux uses the currency symbol CLX and revolutionizes the industry through a great vision of stability, professional and financial freedom. Easy and flexible transfer payment system.
Get up to 45% per month by following the simple steps of our commercial system and with a minimum of investment.
To win more: each user can now perform different tasks in the Cabinet under "Bounty". Any task performed by the user will be rewarded by us with a combination of USD, BTC, LTC, ETH, CLX and lots.
The prices of each reward vary according to the effort. In this way, each user can earn some additional money and pay it directly to their account. Earn money through referrals, cryptographic operations, cold storage and bountie https://lnkd.in/dtsHpfS?