A long time away, but back to work for me.

Hi all,

I've been away from internet marketing for a while, but recent events have made me think I'm losing my talent, so I'm back.

Today, I logged into my Amazon account and, to my surprise, I really earned some income. It's only $ 7.37, but it was enough to give me a kick in the ass. The funny thing is that the products with which I earned income were something I did not even promote on a website. This also gave me an idea to build a website on this topic, but I'll think about it a bit because it's not something I normally promote. However, I gained some income related to the main FSB website that I have, but not a product on that site, so now I have another product to add to the site. :)

I hope this encourages others to move forward. Even though I had not touched the site or the internet marketing for more than 12 months, I have earned money and the site still works.

As my own sign says in front of my computer.

Keep going! Your goal is closer than you can see.