"A good staff never speaks ill of their boss"

For any labor recruiter, they will choose such a candidate.
1. Go to work before.

In the fact that, you lose nothing or suffer disadvantages when you go to work a little earlier.

On the contrary, this helps you to have more time to better master your mission on that day and get a favorable sigh from your own boss. Looking at it in a real way, when you are the first to arrive at your office, you will have an exciting feeling of beginning that few minutes. And it is so bad if you are behind with respect to your regulated work time of 30 minutes or more. Instead of good ratings from colleagues and the boss, you will have negative points from them and add a boring spirit to continue.

However, it is a sad fact for employees in different sectors and is really surprised. Monday is the day when most of us have a blue feeling of starting a new work week slowly after last week's leisure. He often calls him on blue Monday.


Westerners are usually punctual, while Asians consider it a normal matter.. That's true. Regarding this respect, it is the same "work culture created by the public a long time ago". Going to work lately shows a way of working unprofessional, or at least we see that it is like a bad habit that must be abandoned to avoid the effects in your career.

2. Get out of work lately.

"Late", but brings positive meanings in this situation. Certainly, no one advises you to work slowly or stop your tasks a day after other colleagues. Simply, after fulfilling all the issues of your day, you should devote a little time to a general description, observe attentive problems or can help your team, other officers to solve your problems. Do not hesitate, this will bring you gifts in the most unexpected way. In addition, he also creates friendly relations with them. You have not referred to your productivity, you achieved certain impressions of all.

"Go early and leave recently" are the two simplest ways to get the first success in your career in any organization.

3. Only take what is yours.

It is clearly evident. But you may be surprised to read a study on Dailymail (a famous online page in England) with the title: "How 80% think it's okay to steal from work while the study reveals our vacillating moral compass"


It means four out of five peopleI think it's okay to steal something from work. If it is shock

So, do you want to be one of them? Certainly, the answer is not. Sometimes, you think that a key or a hummer is not very valuable, but keep it in your mind, it is not yours, it is stealing and you will not become a thief.

The theft of things from the workplace often occurs in the manufacturing area of ​​the construction sector, factories, shopping centers … However, you must be honest anywhere, since this is always good for your career .

4. Never criticize your employer.

Talking bad about other people is not good, do not skimp on your employer. Normally, the relationship between the employee and the employer is "in business", Meanings that you rarely love together when your benefit is affected. Even the benefit is "satisfied", they usually complain about everything. That was just one of those common things.


For employees, do not mention who is true, who is false, have the habit of telling bad things about your boss anywhere. But, the truth is that you are losing your own image in the eyes of other people.

Maybe you know about "The power of gossip, whispers. " So, the best way to prevent your career from being a failure is wisely silent. You need a determined caution when you talk about work, about individuals in a crowd.

5. Hard work.

That sounds like superfluous advice. However, the fact is that we are pretty lazy. Have you ever talked, played or done private business in official time? Surely it will say "I relaxed a little to continue working more effectively" or "some reasonable reasons".

A ZDnet source conducted by a survey in the United States shows that "1 out of every 4 employees Play the game when you work, even in a meeting. But more surprisingly, this number is higher for employers. There is 1 of 3 people game in his office "

The thing is fundamental about anything else to obtain success, is to work hard.


We are going to see successful people, they often work very hard. About you? Stop being illusory now and start a day working because success and luck come from your daily effort, not from a remote thought!