A company has reset its reviews to eliminate negative criticism. Can I report this to google?

Recently I wanted to leave a negative comment about the service I received from a business after my dealings with them had finally come to an end, but they seem to be able to re-establish their comments. There were several other negative criticisms when I verified for the last time before they finished my deals, some more damning than mine. Is there any way to report this to Google?

Their current reviews seem to be flooded with positive reviews of questionable origins, I recognize many of the names as employees of the company, and these are just the ones I had the pleasure of dealing with. I can not confirm the validity of the rest.

It is annoying to know that many customers can leave legitimate negative comments, only to be restored. How did they do this? Is there anything I can do other than publish a negative review? It seems useless to me, to be honest, if you can restore it if they consider it necessary.