8 – When Migrating from Symfony, Do I have to create new module(database) or use Drupal fields

My Story:

I’m from Symfony. I have an old symfony4 site. It’s an Online Examination Website. I’m maintaining it for years. Now I planned to migrate to Drupal8.

Drupal is amazing and I have developed and hosted two simple sites. It’s really great.

Noted: I’m new to Drupal8 and I’m learning it.

Current work: (My work related to this question)

  • I’m working on New Drupal8 Site for months and Created Content + Views
  • Now I successfully created Question, Answers + Views = This working good
  • I have not created any module. All done with Drupal site. { Fields, relationship are done }
  • Templates works are going on.
  • 50% of work is completed.

What I have done so far:

  • I created Questions,Answers,Solutions,Right_Ans fields
  • Created a view to Display no of Questions based on Test
  • Now When I click Test1. It displays all Questions in the test1 := This is Fine
  • In template, I created Previous and Next buttons to navigate the question. := This to working fine

Question 1:

  • Do I have to stick with this itself or Do I have to create new Modules for Database fields and Relations
  • What is the best practice. Do I have to create new modules?

Question 2:

  • Now the user needs to select one option for a question. For example: Choice 1 is correct
  • How to Create Choice Fields in my Questions. So that user can select correct answer.
  • Also how to collect the User’s choice, and save it?
  • How to do this?