8 – Unique form per user with custom form class

I'm not sure if it's a related duplicate of Generate unique form ID based on context

I hope to be able to represent a single form per user with the forms API using a custom form class.

What I have seen with Drupal :: formBuilder () -> getForm (), you must provide your Form class and this does not allow something like:

public function getFormId () {

$ userID =  Drupal :: currentUser () -> id ();
$ userFormID = & # 39; form_settings & # 39 ;. $ userID;
returns $ userFormID;


and return an invalid form with Drupal :: formBuilder () -> getForm ().

Ultimately, trying to make a unique way through hook_preprocess_page () for the user to interact with.

Is it possible to provide a unique form / form_settings based on the user ID using the API form?

Can you provide more code if necessary, but maybe this is just a no?