8 – Secondary page of force added to the outline of the book in the upper or lower part; update the schema without clearing the cache

Drupal 8. When you click on the "Add secondary page" link on the page of a book, go to "/ node / add / content type" where you can create and save the secondary page. When you return to the book page (assuming that the book's navigation block is being used to display the profile of the book), the newly added child is not (usually) displayed in the outline until the cache is cleared and the page. Children are shown in alphabetical order by default.

This is a challenge for content publishers who enter secondary pages because they do not see the child they just entered when they return to the page of the book, and when they see them, children do not appear in the order of entry.

Is there a way to:

  1. Do you want to automatically clear the cache when leaving the secondary page? Or disable caching for the book's navigation block, at least for users with certain roles? Or something else to allow the editor to see the child added?

  2. Automatically add the secondary page to the top or bottom of the profile of the book? Possibly passing a weight (in the query string?) To the secondary add page that is placed in the "Weight" field in the Book Description tab on the right? (Note that the identification of the main node is passed through the query string and inserted into the Book and Main Element fields in the Summary tab of the book).

To this second question, you could say: "Just make them enter the weight when creating the secondary page". This works well until they are dragged to reorder the outline. When that happens, Drupal assigns weights that start with -15 to the secondary pages, so the editors are not sure what weight to enter.

It is only about making the process of entering secondary pages for books as simple as possible so that there are fewer errors (especially the same chapter added twice, or not, at all).