8 – Return more than one value from the custom views field

Created custom view fields that calculate a percentage and a number according to the nodes of reference to the current element. So of the 10 nodes, 5 of them refer to this element.

So the output will be 50%, I also have a field that outputs the 5/10 numbers.

These two fields have the same calculation, so to make it leaner, I want to test and generate both values ​​from a custom view field. There is some way to do this. So instead of two fields:


I want a field with two outputs:


At this time I use the following in the do function:

returns $ percentage;


returns $ number;

I tried something like:

                $ result = [
        'precentage' => $percentage,
        'number' => $number,
returns $ result;

But the options I want are not shown in the view replacement patterns. How can I do this?