8 – My Python code is not working. Does anyone know how to fix it?

My code is not working because when I do a function, it does not want to do the action because the “else:” is not working.

Basically what the code is is that if you type in “123456789”, it will let you play a game.
however, if you don’t type the right code, you will be asked to calculate an equation.

For some reason though, if you don’t type the right code, it still gives you the option to play a game.
Here is my code:

question = input(“”)
Game = input(“”)

if question == “123456789”:
print (“Youtube/Gaming Mode ON”)
print (“Press AC Key to exit”)
print (“1:Youtube”)
print (“2:Pong Game”)
print (“3:Snake Game”)
inp = int(input(“Enter a number: “))

if inp == 1:
print (“Opening Youtube”)
elif inp == 2:
print (“Launching Pong Game”)
elif inp == 3:
print (“Launching Snake Game”)

print(“”, end=””)
nOne = int(input())
print(“(+,-,*,/): “, end=””)
ch = input()
nTwo = int(input())

if ch==’+’:
print(“n” +str(nOne)+ ” + ” +str(nTwo)+ ” = ” +str(nOne+nTwo))
elif ch==’-‘:
print(“n” +str(nOne)+ ” – ” +str(nTwo)+ ” = ” +str(nOne-nTwo))
elif ch==’‘:
print(“n” +str(nOne)+ ” * ” +str(nTwo)+ ” = ” +str(nOne
elif ch==’/’:
print(“n” +str(nOne)+ ” / ” +str(nTwo)+ ” = ” +str(nOne/nTwo))
print(“nInvalid Operator!”)

Can someone help me out? Thanks!