8 – How to use Dompdf with Entity Print without a compositor?

I am trying to make Entity Print work but I have problems with the module configuration.

The project I am working on is two years old and, for some reasons, I can not use the composer and the module folder is in the root of the project. The modules that have been created manually are in Modules / customized, the downloaded ones are in modules / contrib

I downloaded and unzipped dompdf 0.8.1 in my provider directory, and did the same in modules / contrib for the printing of the entity.

However, after installation, when I try to make the module work, the message appears

"Dompdf is not available because it is not configured. Install it with: composer require" dompdf / dompdf 0.8.0 ".

I have the option between TCPDF (v1) that receives a PHP error when it is activated, forces me to reinstall the module if I want to return to the configuration page, and Php Wkhtmltopdf that can not reach the X server even though I installed all the related libraries that I could find.

A co-worker told me that he had managed to get Entity Print to work with DomPDF, but he could not remember how, even though it had something to do with automatic loading.

I can not make the couple solutions I found, and I really do not know what I'm looking for.

Please, tell me if you need to see the contents of a file, I do not know what I can show you for now.

Thanks in advance