8 – How State is specific to the specific environment, when its actually pushed to all environments with DB sync?

When you copy your development/testing database to your production
database, you’re effectively replacing your production site’s state
with your development site’s state. Therefore if you put your
production site in maintenance mode, then import a database that says
the site is not in maintenance mode, then your site will stop being in
maintenance mode.

Conceptually, state is specific to an environment, so long as you
aren’t copying your database when you push changes from development to

Your solution may be to avoid doing these database imports altogether.
If you are just making configuration changes on your local development
site and just need to push those, you can export the site’s
configuration to code, commit it to version control, push that config
to production and then import it. (See
https://www.drupal.org/docs/configuration-management for info.)

If you are creating content in the local development environment that
you need to push to production, then you may want to look at using the
Migrate API.

If you absolutely must push these database updates but want the
production site to remain in maintenance mode when you do it, then
you’ll need to put your development site into maintenance mode before
copying its database to production.