8 – Drupal way of storing data related to a node

I want to store some data that is related to a node and trying to figure out the best way of doing it. For example, I send emails related to a node and I want to save details such as:

  • To Email address
  • Cc Email Addresses
  • Date sent
  • User
  • Email type
  • Other chosen email options etc

In the past I would use Paragraphs to have an unlimited field but this will, over time, grow to have a lot of entries. I’m also using Revisions on the node so I think this will slow everything down when saving the node.

My question is… should I create my own entity for this? One that doesn’t have a page like a node does? Or is there a better way of storing the data? I could create a custom table, store it there, and maybe register that with Views but I would like to have the entity API available on the content and maybe add fields in future using the UI. Any ideas?

Is there a module similar to Paragraphs but is not a Entity Reference Revision type? Or is the Drupal way to create a custom entity in a module?