8 – Do not download pdf using Entity Print

I have created a view with the list of nodes and I would like to provide a "Download PDF" function. For this, I have connected the "Entity Print" module, which works quite well with the Dompdf and TCPDF (v1) engines. Since it is necessary to provide a Table of Contents for the downloadable pdf, I use the Php Wkhtmltopdf engine, and only with this engine fails the download. I receive the following error message

Error generating PDF: Error without error message: vendor / h4cc / wkhtmltopdf-
i386 / bin / wkhtmltopdf-i386 --orientation "portrait" --username "" --password ""
- "letter" page size --zoom "1" - "_none" view size --enable-toc-back-
toc links "C:  Windows  Temp  tmp2E8.tmp.html" "C:  Windows  Temp  tmp2F9.tmp.pdf"

And absolutely nothing in the records, I have no idea what is wrong. Has anyone faced the similar problem? Please help