8 – Creating nodes with cURL that have multiple tags and a content moderation transition

I have enabled the remain restui serialization hal Y basic_auth Modules and enabled and configured the content resource in this way:

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I am able to create nodes with:

X_CSRF_TOKEN = $ (curl http://d8.local.org/session/token)
winding --include 
- request POST 
- user test: "test" 
--header & # 39; Content-type: application / hal + json & # 39; 
--header "X-CSRF-Token: $ X_CSRF_TOKEN" 
--data-binary & # 39; {"_ links": {"type":
{"href": "http://d8.local.org/rest/type/node/article"}},
"body":[{"value":"Body text."}],
"kind":[{"target_id":"article"}]} & # 39; 

How do I add several terms to field_tags? Every combination I try, like


returns a 400 Incorrect Petition

Also, how do I add a content moderation transition to the new node?