8 – Content moderation roles per page

I am trying to set up an advanced workflow for publishing content with the following statuses: Draft, For review, Revised, Published, Archived.

All authenticated users have the basic permissions to create a new draft and use the Send transition for review. The role of the editors has the ability to go from revised to published.

The next role is where I am having problems. Each content page has an "editor" that is an SME and can use the review transitions Approve (and Reject). I do not want to have the editor based on the section or menu navigation, but on a per-page basis.

I have tried to configure a taxonomy for the page with the name of each editor and assign an editor to a term. However, when using Workbench Access, I can not emulate the Editor role through taxonomy.

Are there other solutions for this type of advanced workflow? If not, what is the correct way to configure Workbench Access with roles as taxonomy terms?