8 – Body problems, files and routes.

Many times I was suggested to migrate my old D6 project, so I finally decided to jump to this one. And as always with Drupal, things never work as expected at the first attempt.

The old site of Drupal 6 has 180 modules (I have disabled most of them), 100K users, approximately 3K nodes (within 4 types of content), 170 taxonomy terms, more than 5K different node relationships, 34K comments, 7K alias route, 6K user images, 5K files (most of them linked to nodes through file fields) and some other things.

The new Drupal 8 site was installed with composer create-project drupal-composer / drupal-project: 8.x-dev - devstability --no-interaction. I also installed all the suggested migration modules and executed the migration process through Drush. The version of the Drush launcher is 0.6.0 and Drush is version 9.6.0.

drush migrate-import --all The command did not work well, because it found some missing modules, which are not yet ported to D8, so my only option was to use something like drush migrate-import upgrade_d6_taxonomy_term --feedback = "100 items" for each migration.

The data was ported, but with some problems.


Some files are not attached to the nodes, as they should, especially node images.

On the other hand, in / admin / content / files Many of them appear with strange strings, instead of names and are linked to empty files: https://new.site.com/sites/default/files/sliwrunepeswothobrucohaphigeluwruj. All these files are really empty.

As I understood, all of them are images attached to nodes, used as a cover image, which is supposed to represent an article in taxonomy or pages of views.

Body field

It is also ported but with two problems:

1) All HTML tags are converted to

labels E.g. If there was an H2 course, it is

label now The same for

  • , images, videos embedded in youtube … all online tags are completely removed with their content or replaced by paragraphs. The names of the classes were also deleted.

    Full HTML code is enabled for body files in both sites.

    2) The body does not appear, when I see a node. If I'm going to edit, it's in the right place, I can even capture it. But in the node view

    , which must contain body, is empty.

    I've searched on Google, and some say they changed the default language of the site or the edited teaser, because it can not be null … but all these things are fine in my case: the language of the site is the same as in the version D6 and the node teasers are not empty.


    All routing 7243 routing entries are migrated without errors. I can see them all in / admin / config / search / route Page of the new site. However, all the URLs of the nodes are predetermined (node ​​/ 1234) and if I click on the alias of the URL, it redirects me to node / any number.

    Also in the migrated node, the route field is empty.

    The creation of a new node does not have any of the problems described, everything works fine.